´You sleep well in your bed at night only because a few rough men are willing to do violent things on your behalf´  

George Orwell paraphrase

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I Killed a Vet...

A MESSAGE TO jane fonda

I served with the 1st/40th Arty & 1st/44th Dusters&Quad50's from Oct. '68 - Dec. '69, Dong Ha, I Corp, Viet Nam.

(Con Thien, C-1,C-2, C-3, Gio Linh, LZ Hardcore, LZ Sally, Rockpile, Stud, Ca Lu River, Delta 5, Cua-Viet,Cam Lo, Dong Ha, Quang Tri,Phu Bai, Hue, Hai Van Pass, Da Nang)

Pic's from 1/61 Inf

Spooky Workin' Out

Weapons Today and Yesterday


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